Peach Crisp

Summer is the perfect time to make homemade Peach crisp. I bought a basket full of Georgia Peaches on our way back from the mountains last week, so I decided I would make one of my favorite desserts.

Collard Greens

If you are from the South then I don’t need to introduce you to this southern food staple.  But if you’re not.... then let me tell you how yummy this green leaf can be if cooked just right.

Homemade Organic Ranch Dip

I’ve been working on trying to reduce the amount of preservatives I’ve been putting in my body on a daily basis. This Organic Ranch Dip Recipe is a healthy alternative to the One in the packet that is loaded with preservatives and ingredients I can’t even pronounce. 

Cinnamon Bun Monkey Bread

This recipe is so yummy and great to serve on a Saturday morning for breakfast or as an after school snack.  

I used Cinnamon but in the Fall I will use pumpkin pie spice instead. Either way it is delicious.  

Santa Baby

Todd and I rarely buy for each other at Christmas... however we do like to stuff each other’s stockings with some of our favorite things. Here are a few things I love to find in my stocking Christmas morning:

Denmark Cottage Salad

​If you are looking for something delicious to bring to a Christmas Dinner party, look no further! This salad will be one of the first things to go and everyone will be begging for the recipe!