Favorite Things Friday

Favorite Things Friday

Today we wanted to share with you a couple of favorite things. First up is one of My (Tammy's) personal  favorites... a letter written by my great grandmother to her son (my poppy) in 1938. He was in the Civilian Conservation Corps in Washington State. He made $25 per month and would send it all home to his widowed mother. 

The reason I'm sharing this on Veterans Day, is because my Grandfather served as a US Marine in WWII. He fought in Guadalcanal under Lieutenant General Lewis "Chesty" Puller. My poppy rarely shared much of his time there, due to the painful memories it brought about. But there were a few things he did tell us, and I thought I would share some of them with you. 

He said at night, while he and his fellow soldiers were on the island, the Japanese would fly a plane back and forth overhead to taunt them. He said the plane sounded like an old washing machine so they started calling him "Washing Machine Charlie". Unfortunately, this plane would also drop bombs on them and thats what eventually ended my papas career in the Marines.

One day while working on one of the military vehicles, a bomb went off nearby, sending shrapnel into my grandfathers leg. They were able to remove some of the metal but not completely.  My poppy would proudly show us that shrapnel, but he never talked about the events of that day or how many friends he might of lost. 

After his injury, he was shipped to a hospital in Quantico, Va....  While there, they discovered he had contracted malari from the island, so he was quarantined for six months. A young lady named Bernice started writing him while he was hospitalized.  A lady in her church had suggested she write to him because he was lonely . She and my poppy would write back and forth and eventually fell in love through those letters. They later married and had children, one of them being my mother Karen. 

We are thankful and proud of our Grandfather for helping defend our great country. We are also truly grateful for those of you who continue to do so today. You sacrifice time away from your families, as well as enduring some of the unimaginable to protect us.

Thank you to all who serve and have served. Happy Veterans Day!

Semper Fi


Now for our second favorite thing... 


 We love her!! Here's a few reasons why:

She helps with homework:

She answers random questions while eating breakfast:

She will give you the weather:

She plays your favorite theme songs:

She plays any genre of music you would like: 

She also tells you bedtime stories and gives you the daily news. We kinda love her and I'm sure you will too! She would be a great family Christmas gift. QVC has them on flex pay with no interest or you can get her here. 

All You Need is Love....

All You Need is Love....