Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint

Today we are sharing our favorite go to paint. We love the flat matte finish it gives to our furniture pieces. You could also use a flat white paint, but the finish on the chalk paint is more of the look we are going for.

It's super easy to cover any existing piece of furniture and usually requires very little sanding.

These are the products we have used and have included the furniture we have used them on.

First thing you should do, but isn't necessary, is to go over the piece of furniture with a light sanding. These are the little sanding blocks we used. We didn't do alot of sanding, just enough to rough the piece up enough for the paint to adhere to it. Then take a damp cloth and wipe down furniture to remove all the dust. Allow it to dry. The reason we don't spend  alot of time sanding is because after painting we distress the piece with a little bit of sand paper. So the more scuff marks the better. 

Step 2: If you are using the Valspar Chalky Finish spray Paint  then we recommend painting outside.  You can purchase this paint at Lowes for around $10. 

Here are our dining chairs before and after using the Valspar Chalky finish spray paint. Each chair took about two cans to get good coverage. 

After painting, we lightly sanded them just on the edges to remove some of the paint and give it a distressed look. We did the same with the table.

Here they are at a different angle.

Here is another piece we recently did using the Valspar Chalky finish spray paint. We haven't distressed it yet, so this is a good example of how it will look without the texture. 


Americana Decor Chalk Paint is another product we have used. It can also be purcahsed at Lowes or Hobby Lobby. This process is more time consuming because you have to brush or roll it on. But if you have a large piece, thats usually your best option.

This piece was done using the Americana Decor Paint. It was originally a medium stain and this is one coat. We probably should do another coat to get better coverage, but thats for another day. 

IMG_1561 (1).JPG

This is a piece I did using regular white flat latex paint with heavy distressing.

Well hopefully we've inspired you to get started painting your pieces. Don't over think it, just get started and see how it turns out. One place we would stick to professionals is with our kitchen cabinets. That is a big task and would be something we wouldn't change for years. Good luck and we would love to see how your pieces turn out!  

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