Eyebrow Tutorial

This is my first video and might be my last, since it took me 10 times to do it😏 please be nice😊

Anyway, here's how I do my eyebrows. I like mine a little on the thinner side, and as you can see, I don't have a lot to begin with. Unfortunately, my brows have gotten thinner and lighter as I've gotten older, so now I have to help them out a bit. 
I pluck my own eyebrows myself, but if you don't feel comfortable doing that then you should find a good place that waxes and at least let them get you started. This way, they can give you a great shape and you can just pluck the stray hairs that start coming back.

I'm certainly no expert, but I think most makeup artist would agree that Eyebrows can literally change the look of your face. If you are like I was in the beginning, I couldn't ever get the shape right and it would take me entirely too long, at least that was the case, until I found the Sonia Kashuk #27 eyeliner brush. Total game changer for me!! I think it's because of the angle and how narrow it is. The key is to line underneath the eyebrow first then do the same at the top and just fill in the middle of the brow as you go. 
This is what I use and love: 

Sonia Kashuk eyeliner brush #27 (this is a game changer) you can purchase it at Target
Milani Brow Fix in light ( dark hair use medium)
Any brow brush or spoolie
Milani Brow and eye highlighter 

Note: In the video I have already done my left eyebrow. 

First thing I do is brush my eyebrows with the spoolie to tame what little hairs I have. I usually rest my elbow on the counter to steady my hand. Then I start by dipping the brush into the darkest powder in the pallet and line the bottom part of my eyebrow by following the natural line of my brow. I do the same thing to the top of my brow and then fill in between the two lines. I use the spoolie to blend the color in so it looks more natural. I also extend the end of my eyebrow out a bit. Just continue doing this ,until it looks even on both sides. 
Remember, it takes practice like most anything, so don't give up! It took me a while to get mine how I liked them and now I can do both brows in 5 minutes. Take a few selfies to see if you like how they look. If not, then wipe them off and start over. 
After I finish filling in my brows, I apply the lighter end of Milano brow and eye highlighter under the arch to give it lift. Make sure to blend this well, or it will look too set.