Oh Christmas Tree....Oh Christmas Tree...

Oh Christmas Tree....Oh Christmas Tree...

Here are some tips on how to decorate a tree on a budget . 


One thing I love to use are elements from nature to add fullness and height to our tree. 


I added thin tree branches I cut from some of our pine trees that line the property. I just tuck them all throughout the tree letting them stick out about 4-5 inches.


I also add them to the top of the tree for height and dimension.  If you do not have a flocked tree and are decorating a traditional green tree, consider painting the branches white and tucking them throughout the tree in the same way.


I also used Krylon Glitter Gold Blast to paint pine cones that Collin and I picked up in the yard. After they dried I just tucked them into the greenery.


Make your own Christmas tree decor. This year I made little aged hymnal sheets to tuck into the tree and the mantel. You can find the tutorial HERE .


Another way I saved on Christmas decor this year was to use the same floral pics I used for my fall decor . My theme this year is “Rustic Elegance” so these tied in nicely. 



I also used some of my small copper collection to add to the tree. Think about using items you already have and collect . Maybe it’s tea sets or small ironstone pieces, even vintage or antique kitchen gadgets would look great. Think outside the box of the typical Christmas decor.


Adding decorative ribbon that goes with the theme of your tree is a very inexpensive way to fill a tree up and make it beautiful . I used glitter gold wired ribbon and cut 6 inch pieces then folded them over a bit and tucked them into the tree and mantel greenery.


For my tree skirt this year I found burlap fabric with gold specks at Hobby Lobby and had them cut 3-4 yards for me. You can add old blankets and sheets underneath to build it up and make it look full.


I hope this has helped inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. But regardless  of how you decorate your tree ... just have fun with it and make wonderful memories for your family .


Merry Christmas from Denmark Cottage

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