Santa Baby

Santa Baby

Santa Baby...  I want a yacht and really that's not a lot... 


Todd and I rarely buy for each other at Christmas... however we do like to stuff each other’s stockings with some of our favorite things. Here are a few things I love to find in my stocking Christmas morning:


L’Oréal Lash Paradise in Blackest Black . I used to wear the waterproof but found that the regular worked just fine. I have also found that the L’Oréal lash paradise Primer makes a huge difference. Love both and they’re  affordable! 



AirSpun Transluscent face powder.  I also call this Nana powder since it’s the same powder my nana always wore. I love that it smells like her! Such a great product for setting your makeup no matter your age. 



I’m not a huge fan of chocolate unless it’s a Forrero Rocher This is my favorite little indulgence. 



My all time favorite lipliner by NYX in the color Mauve   Also very affordable! 



L'Oréal Paris Makeup Colour Riche in caramel Latte  This looks great on its own or over my NYX lipliner. It adds a beautiful shimmer and a little bit of  color to your lips. I especially like wearing it in the Summer on its own. 



 Bath and body vanilla patchouli room spray I haven’t tried this yet but I love patchouli so I figure I would love this too! I really love this rose and vanilla pillow sprayI use it on all my linens. 


I love these things and keep them everywhere ... car... house... purse.

Plackers Flossers


I’m a gum chewer .... especially when I’m working and this one is my favorites! Extra Polar Ice

Well these are pretty much my favorite things so if I find them in my stocking Christmas morning, I’ll be a happy camper !  

FYI: you can find all these items at Walgreens and Bath and Body. 

I made it easy for you honey 😉 


Toasted Pecan and Cranberry Bark

Toasted Pecan and Cranberry Bark

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